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Citrus Fruits


Lunch Menu


​(option to add salmon or chicken)​

Loaded Wedge

blue cheese. onions. smoked bacon. tomato.

House Pear

spring mix. poached pears. port vinaigrette. pecans. blue cheese.

Garlic Caesar

romaine. parmesan. lemon anchovy dressing. garlic bread crumbs.

Mediterranean Greek

mixed greens. chickpeas. tomato. onion. mint lemon vinaigrette. feta cheese.

Oriental Chicken

mixed greens. chickpeas. tomato. onion. mint lemon vinaigrette. feta cheese.

Blackened Chicken Sumac

Chopped romaine. tomato. chickpeas. cucumber. red onion. avocado. feta cheese.


(choice of salad or fries)

Kobe Burger

Apple wood smoked bacon. mayo. dijon. cheddar. tomato. onion. lettuce.

Chicken BLT

Lettuce. tomato. applewood smoked bacon. havarti. onion. mayo.

Turkey Italian Club

Spicy cured meats. lettuce. tomato. red onion. mayo. havarti cheese. olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Chicken Red Dragon​

Wild mushrooms. baby spinach. ale mustard seed cheddar cheese.

Chicken Pesto

Baby arugula. roasted bell peppers. parmesan cheese.



Chicken Toscana

Farfalle. marinara. pesto. pine nuts. artichoke. parmesan.

Shrimp Vodka Pasta

Tomato. basil. garlic cream sauce. calabrian pepper. baby spinach. parmesan.

Spicy Tuscan Shrimp

Capellini. calabrian peppers. garlic. shallot. spinach. tomato. pine nuts. parmesan.

Lemon Caper Salmon

Mustard cream sauce. cherry tomato. baby spinach. artichoke hearts. capers. parmesan.



evoo. mozzarella. tomato. basil.

Fig & Prosciutto

evoo. mozzarella. blue cheese. arugula. caramelized onion.

Spicy Italian

tomato sauce. mozzarella. cappicola. soppressata. pepperoni.

BBQ Chicken

bbq sauce. mozzarella. cilantro. red onion.

Wild Mushroom

pine nut pesto. mozzarella. caramelized onion. arugula. parmesan cheese.​​


Blackened Salmon

pine nut pesto. jasmine white rice. seasonal vegetables.


Please notify us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.​​

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