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At Sheila’s Wine Bar & Café, you will find domestic and international wines to please everyone’s palate and which cater to everyone’s budget. Sheila’s boasts one of the largest wine lists in Ventura County.

Sheila’s Wine Bar & Café is family-owned and run. Ivan, who is the executive chef at Sheila’s, was trained in Napa Valley and has a gift for combining flavor with artistry – enthusiasm with talent. To achieve the highest cuisine, Ivan takes time throughout the week to seek out the freshest produce and prime meats. 


As prominent members of the Camarillo community, the team takes great pleasure in making their customers happy, and it shows. The ambiance you experience when you come through the door feels like a warm welcome; a wine bar with that cozy, comfortable feel, and elegantly casual with an eclectic, distinctive personality all its own. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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