Three Cheese Antipasto Platter 27

Tomato Bruschetta 13

boursin cheese. basil. garlic. citrus. balsamic reduction.

Ahi Tuna Tartare 18

with Avocado +3

red onion. capers. garlic. jalapeno. cilantro. evoo.

Crab Cakes 18

roasted red bell pepper aioli. 


(+Salmon 13 / +Chicken 8)

Loaded Wedge 14

blue cheese. onions. smoked bacon. tomato.

House Pear 14

spring mix. poached pears. port vinaigrette. pecans. blue cheese.  


Garlic Caesar 13

romaine. parmesan. lemon anchovy dressing. 



Salmon Filet 32

wild mushroom & spinach. miso ginger. scallion. toasted sesame seeds. 


Filet Mignon 45

garlic butter vegetables. mash potato. brandy peppercorn demi glaze.

Chicken Breast 28

mashed potato. seasonal vegetables. wild mushroom marsala.


Herbed Hangar Steak 37

garlic blue cheese fingerling potatoes. flash fried broccolini. red wine bordelaise sauce. 

Kobe Burger 21

applewood smoked bacon. mayo. dijon. cheddar. tomato. onion. lettuce.​



Chicken Toscana 27

farfalle. marinara. pesto. pine nuts. artichoke. parmesan.


Beef Stroganoff 36

filet mignon tips. fettuccine. marsala.

wild mushrooms. sour cream. scallions.


Spicy Tuscan Shrimp 27

capellini. calabria peppers. spinach. tomato. pine nuts. parmesan.




Margherita 17

evoo. mozzarella. tomato. basil.


Fig & Prosciutto 20

evoo. mozzarella. blue cheese. arugula. caramelized onion.


Spicy Italian 19

tomato sauce. mozzarella. cappicola. soppressata. pepperoni.


BBQ Chicken 20

bbq sauce. mozzarella. cilantro. red onion.



11:30-2:30 pm W, Th, Fri 

Kobe Burger  18

applewood smoked bacon. mayo. dijon. cheddar. tomato. onion. lettuce.


Chicken Club Panini  15

baby arugula. sliced tomato. red onion. mayo. applewood smoked bacon.


Pesto Chicken Panini  15

baby arugula. roasted bell pepper. parmesan cheese.  ​

Italian Cold Cuts & Turkey Sub  15

red wine vinaigrette. mayo. red onion. tomato. lettuce. parmesan.

 Blackened Chicken Sumac  21

chopped romaine. tomato. chickpeas. cucumber. red onion. avocado. feta.

Blackened Salmon  26

jasmine white rice. seasonal vegetables. pine nut basil pesto sauce. 

Whole Grain Mustard Salmon Pasta  24 

angel hair pasta. white wine garlic cream sauce. artichoke hearts. cherry tomatoes. capers. parmesan.

Please notify us of any food allergies 

or dietary restrictions.


Daily Specials 


Tomato Basil Soup    12


Mixed Melon Strawberry Salad   15

Mixed baby greens. arugula. frisee lettuce. honey vinaigrette. feta cheese. sliced almonds. balsamic reduction. 

Teriyaki Pork Chop  34

Jasmine white rice. garlic sautéed broccolini & green beans. ginger soy chili glaze. green onion. 


Prosciutto Wrapped Alaskan Halibut 42

Parmesan risotto. roasted cauliflower and puree. sautéed brussel sprouts. thyme sun flower seed brown butter. balsamic reduction.